About Us

Jebena Brew Coffee was founded from my love for coffee, Ethiopia, and creating.
My name is Tedla Fanta, I was born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S at the age of 10. During my childhood in Ethiopia, my mother always made Jebena Coffee Ceremony at home. 
I vividly remember waking up to the sweet aroma of my mother roasting the coffee beans in our living room. On the side of the coffee would be the frankincense smoke blowing into my nostrils, blending with the fragrance of the beans and causing me pure ecstasy! 
She then grinds the roasted beans and brews them in the clay coffee jar we
call  ጀበና (Jebena). Hence the name Jebena Brew Coffee
As a traveler and creative I want to share my love for single-origin , ethically sourced Ethiopian coffee with others in the same space. I also want to use my creative skills, along with other creatives to bring positive changes in Ethiopia. 
My vision for Jebena Brew Coffee is to create a community of coffee lovers and creators, who want to make a lasting social impact in Ethiopia, through coffee culture.